The only thing better than our service,
is what we serve.

– Candace Voorhees, Owner of Arizona Taste Catering

Arizona Taste Catering is dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality, incomparable service, and sumptuous food. Each event Arizona Taste caters is unique, and so are the menus. Every course is created specifically to tantalize your guests taste buds and leave them wanting more. Whether you are serving 10 or 10,000, Arizona Taste will come up with a menu you will love, all within your budget. When you choose a caterer who is experienced in the fine points and details of the culinary arts, and maintains a true hands-on ideology, even your smallest requests will be filled to perfection.

Our Services

Complete Event Planning

Fully Staffed Food Service

Bar Service

Tables (including chairs, linens and centerpieces)

China Flatware and Glassware



Vendor Contracting, if needed

Our Staff
Ally - 2015
Arizona Taste Group
Candace Voorhees
Candace Voorhees & Alan - 1999
Heather - 2013
Jade - 2014
Sam (Left) 2015 & Tim (Right) 2013
Tim (Right) 2013 & Scott (Left) 2008
Group at Wickenburg Event
Cecelia - Spring of 2017